Elite Benefits Online Poker



Black Chip Poker enhances your lifestyle and your bankroll with our elite benefits program. Every one of our players can reap the rewards whether a recreational player or a seasoned professional.

The program kicks off as soon as you play your first real money hand or tournament; it’s as simple as that. The more you play the better off you are. We have six different levels in the Elite Benefits program. We reward your loyalty and play with more benefits and bigger point level multipliers with every level you achieve.

The six different levels are:

Here is how you earn your points:

For every 1.00 USD in tournament fees paid, you receive 5.5 Benefit Points (BPs).

For example, if you play a tournament which Buy-in is $20+$2, you will earn 11 BPs for the $2 USD you are paying as entry fees ($2 x 5.5 = 11)

In cash games, BPs can be earned at a rate of 5.5 Benefit Points (BPs) for every dollar raked.

For example, at a 9 handed table, with 6 players dealt, and a total of $2 in rake, 11 BPs are then divided among the six players (2 x 5.5 = 11). That’s 1.83 BPs earned per player (11 / 6 = 1.83)

You will also earn Player Points (PPs) alongside the Benefit Points. The number of Player Points you will earn each month depends on your Level. A special Player Point multiplier is set for each Player Level, the more you play – the more you earn!

You can monitor your progress and you move up levels in our poker client. Simply click on the “Rewards” tab in the main lobby to monitor your progress.

One of the most generous reward programs in the online poker industry

Elite Benefits Terms and Conditions

Your participation in the Elite Benefits program shall be deemed to constitute your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Black Chip Poker reserves the right to change the general rules and conditions for Elite Benefits at any time with or without notice.
Participation in the Elite Benefits program is subject to the terms, conditions and regulations of the program.
Black Chip Poker retains the sole right to interpret and apply the Elite Benefits program rules.
All management decisions are final.
Only individuals are eligible for membership in the Elite Benefits program. Only the individual named in the Black Chip Poker account may play under that account.
Membership is offered at the discretion of Black Chip Poker. Black Chip Poker may deny membership to any applicant.
Benefit Points (BPs) may not be transferred, bartered, sold or traded in any way.
Player Points accrued through participation in the Elite Benefits may not be used toward clearing deposit bonuses.
RakeBack players are not allowed to enjoy the benefits of our new Loyalty Program. If any RakeBack player decides to, a one-time account conversion to the loyalty program is possible, simply contact us, we will be more than glad to help in the transition, and start getting rewarded based on weighted contributed rake methodology.
Any abuse of the program or failure to follow program rules may result in the termination of membership and forfeiture of all accrued BPs and PPs. ‘Flipping’ or using other predetermined play to affect Elite Benefits program level is considered abuse of the program.
Black Chip Poker ‘s General rules and conditions apply.
If you have questions about the Black Chip Poker Elite Benefits, please contact us