Elite Benefits - Level Legend

Wow, and we mean WOW!

Musicians will write songs of you, parents will tell their children bedtime stories of your poker conquests; your name will be forever synonymous with greatness. That’s right, you’ve become a legend.

Congratulations, to put it mildly. By earning an incredible 100,000 yearly Benefit Points you are entitled to the very best spoils BlackChip Poker has to offer. How does not one but TWO Reward Bonuses totaling $5,500 sound? Have a nice ring to it?

You’ve gotten yourself here by earning 100,000 Benefit Points in one calendar year, (from January 1st through to December 31st), but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the end of the year in order to become a ‘Legend’.

You will earn your legacy the second you reach 100,000 BPs. Once you’ve reached this status, we’ll give you a heads start on next year as you are guaranteed to stay a Legend until the end of February of the following year. In order to maintain your Legend level throughout the next year, you must earn at least 7,000 BPs every month.

That’s only a fraction of what we have in store for you. Have a look:

Benefit: Details:
3.5 PP Multiplier You earn 3.5 PPs for every 1 BP earned
Legendary Bonuses Access As you have been added to the Hall of Fame, you now have the option to purchase Legendary Bonuses giving you exclusive cash credits.
Annual Status You are guaranteed to stay a Legend until February of the following year
$1,500 & $4,000 Cash for purchase $1,500 & $4,000 cash for Combat Points available from Points Exchange Section in client
Achievement Rewards Cash rewards once you hit the yearly required of Benefit Points
PPs for Live Events Option to redeem PPs for LPS or Punta Cana Poker Classic live events packages
Points Earned in Weighted Contributed Rake You earn more credit based on how much rake you contribute to a pot

For example, if you earn 100,000 RPs between January 1st and August 30th, you will earn Legend status on August 30th. Your status will continue through to the end of the calendar year. If you earn at least 7,000 per month starting February of the following year, you will remain a Legend . However, if in February you do not earn at least 7,000 RPs your rank will be dropped to Veteran at the end of that month. Should you earn 0 RPs in February your rank will be reset to Player in March.

Yearly BP: Legendary Bonuses Cash Credit:
200,000 $2,600
300,000 $2,800
400,000 $3,000
500,000 $3,200
600,000 $3,600
700,000 $3,800
800,000 $4,200
1,000,000 $20,000
1,250,000 $9,200
1,500,000 $9,200
1,750,000 $9,200
2,000,000 $19,200
2,250,000 $9,200
2,500,000 $9,200
2,750,000 $9,200
3,000,000 $19,200

Player Reward Summary

For your accomplishment, as well as your proven loyalty to BlackChip Poker, we’re rolling out the carpet to you in rewards.

Every Legend at BlackChip Poker can release cash valued at over $5,000. In addition, you’ve hit the highest points multiplier ever. You get a whopping 3.5 points for every 1 Player Point earned. This makes reaching 200,000 Benefit Point to start unlocking your cash credits easier than ever.

Let’s have a look at the amount of big cash that is waiting for you as you collect more and more points as a BlackChip Poker ‘Legend’.

Legend Reward Details

Pat yourself on the back because you deserve all the crème de la crème for your efforts and achievements in dominating the tables at BlackChip Poker. In addition to your 3.5 Player Point multiplier, enjoy the Achievement Awards, Legendary Bonuses, additional cash bonuses that you will receive only at this level.