Elite Benefits - Player Levels

BlackChip Poker offers you increasing rewards as you climb the six levels of our elite benefits program. As soon as you attain the required amount of Benefit Points (BPS) within the period of a month (or year in the cases of Legend and Icon) you will be moved to the next level increasing your earning power and benefits.

Player Point Multiplier11.522.53.55
Icon-Elite Store AccessX
$10,000 Cash in storeX
Legendary Bonuses AccessXX
$1,500 & $4,000 Cash in storeXX
Legend-Elite Store AccessXX
Annual StatusXX
$600 Cash in StoreXXX
Veteran Store AccessXXX
$300 Cash in StoreXXXX
Grinder Store AccessXXXX
$50 Cash in storeXXXXX
Rounder Store AccessXXXXX
Achievement RewardsXXXXXX
Site FreerollsXXXXXX
Player Store AccessXXXXXX
Points Earned in Weighted Contributed RakeXXXXXX

Benefit Point Counters

BlackChip Poker makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your progress as you move upward through the various levels of the benefits program. In the main poker client, simply click on the “Rewards” tab and two counters will display how you are doing.

One counter displays your ‘Benefit Points’ which accumulate at all times. One counter displays how many points you’ve earned within a calendar month. The other counter displays how many points you’ve earned within a calendar year.

You will be able to determine how many points you will need to earn in order to maintain or move up a level in the rewards program. The monthly benefits program resets at the beginning of every month so you can use it as an indicator of exactly what level you’ve achieved per month.

LevelMonthly BPs Required
VIP LevelYearly BPs Required