Poker Staking

Tournaments have just gotten a whole lot better. Staking has arrived at Americas Cardroom!

What is Staking?

Staking allows you to buy a portion of another player’s buy-in at a Multi-Table Tournament or sell a portion of yours.

What are the advantages for the buyer?

• Gets you in the action without playing a single hand of poker.

• Can give you a huge score without the time and energy of playing in MTTs.

What are the advantages for the seller?

• Lowers the cost and variance of playing in your tourneys.

• You can mark up the cost of stakes to increase your profit.


How to Stake Another Player

1) Click the Staking button in the main lobby of the poker client.

2) Inside the Staking lobby (see below), you will see the list of tourneys available to be staked on the top left.

When you select a tourney, you will see the list of players who are offering staking for it on the right. You will see the percent they’re selling (Max 90%) and the percent remaining. Hit the star to mark the player as a favorite. You may also take notes on each player you stake.

On the bottom right, put in the percentage you want to stake the player for this particular tournament. It will show how much it will cost you and then you click “buy”. Staking percentages are approved in increments of 1% every 5 minutes, giving time for other players to jump in.

Note that staking purchases are final. If the offer you make is filled before your total purchase is completed, you get a refund for the unpurchased amount. Also, if a player unregisters for a tourney you staked, you get a full refund.

There’s also a ‘Spin to Stake’ feature that allows you to Spin to Win a Staking percentage.


How to Get Staked

1) Find the tourney you want to get staked and then click ‘sell action’ on the bottom right (see below).


2) You will be taken to a screen (below). Note if you haven’t registered for the tourney, you will see ‘Register and Offer Staking” in the green bar.


3) Put in the percentage you want to sell for this tourney and the number of entries you plan on making. You can also markup the cost of the stakes if you think you have the demand and you want to increase your profit.

Terms and Conditions

General Terms

• The staking feature allow users to purchase a share of another’s player’s action at Multi-Table Tournaments.

• WPN does not charge an additional fee for staked buy-ins.

• Max staking amount is 90%.


Offering action (Players)

• If you ask for a markup of over 1.5, you must grant permission for your real name to be published so any interested “Staker” can make an educated decision whether to purchase any action from you.

• You must announce in advance the number of entries and re-entries (bullets) you are offering to be staked.

• Any funds of unused entries will be restored to the Staker’s account.

• After all offered entries have been spent, players may not re-enter the tournament with their own bankroll.

• Playing a tournament on a different WPN site while playing a staked tourney on a separate site is considered multi-accounting and will be penalized.

• Other Security and Game Integrity policies apply.

• Other tournament rules apply at all times:

• All offers must be posted prior to the beginning of the tournament and will close 5 minutes before the tournament starts.

• Offers cannot be edited once posted.

• Offers can be rescinded at any given moment and up to 5 minutes before the tournament starts.

• Offers can include a “Markup”, which is an additional fee for the player’s action. For example, if the markup is 1.1, there is a 10% increase cost on the player’s buy-in.


Purchasing action (Staker)

• Stakers are allowed to stake as many players as they wish.

• Users are allowed to purchase up to 90% action on any given player (percentages may vary incrementally if there is markup).

• Stakers must purchase an equal percentage for all entries offered by the player.

• All purchased offers by the Staker are final and cannot be withdrawn.

• Players offering action are allowed to withdraw any offer to be staked up to 5 minutes before the tourney begins. In these cases, any purchased percentages will be returned to the Staker’s account.

• To prevent action hoarding and giving all Stakers an equal opportunity to buy a percentage from the players selling action, percentages are approved in increments of 1% every 5 minutes. 5 minutes before the tournament starts, the system will release whatever is remaining as equally as possible to the buyers.

• Purchasing percentages from different WPN accounts is considered multi-accounting and the Staker will be penalized.