Elite Benefits - Level Rounder

Moving on up!

Congratulations on becoming a ‘Rounder’.

You’ve done a great job in earning 750 BPs within a calendar month. As promised, your play will be rewarded with higher bonuses, and better Achievement Rewards.

Have a look at your new benefits:

Benefit: Details:
Player Point Multiplier You earn 1.5 PPs for every 1 BP earned
$50 Cash available for purchase $50 cash for Combat Points available from Points Exchange Section in client
Achievement Rewards Cash rewards once you hit the yearly required of Benefit Points
Site Freerolls Access to the Poker Site Freeroll tournaments
Points Earned in Weighted Contributed Rake You earn more credit based on how much rake you contribute to a pot.

Rounder Reward Summary

You are now a Rounder, and that means you have earned enough Player Points to purchase a Cash Reward worth $50. You can keep earning Achievement Rewards (which earn you cash rewards once you hit the yearly required of Benefit Points), and also have access all the Freerolls the network has to offer.

You’re also entitled to better Achievement Rewards as you play. Have a look at our freeroll tournaments in the ‘Tournament Lobby’. After all, as a ‘Rounder’, you’re entitled to play in all of them!

Take advantage of your new earning power! You’ve hit the first level of an even better points multiplier. You now receive 1.5 Player Points

Up to the challenge of hitting the next level? Earn yourself 3,000 Benefit Points in a calendar month and you hit the next level! Your Elite Benefits status as a ‘Grinder’ could be just a month away.