Elite Benefits - Achievement Rewards

BlackChip Poker offers Achievement Rewards of cold hard cash simply by earning Player Points as you make your way up the Elite Benefits program echelon.

Your first group of cash Achievement Rewards is valued at $10 in which you can release in no time simply by earning 750 Benefit Points.

The higher you climb in our Elite Benefits program the more cash you will have an opportunity to earn. Make sure you are familiar with what Achievement Rewards you are entitled to at each level of the program.

You can redeem your points by clicking on the ‘Rewards Tab’ and seeing what Achievement Reward you’ve unlocked. You can also gauge how many points you need to earn in order to unlock the next cash Achievement Reward.

Have a look at this chart that explains the Medal of Achievements that are available at each level of the Elite Benefits program.

How to Redeem an Achievement Reward:

In the client of the main lobby click on the ‘Rewards’ section to see which milestone you have unlocked or are close to unlocking. The more you play, the more milestones will become unlocked; you can purchase a Benefit Point Milestone by redeeming your points.

How to Track Your Achievement Reward Status

There are two ways in which you can monitor your progress and check your Achievement Reward status. Click on the ‘Achievement Rewards’ window or the ‘Trophy Room’ section which is both located under the ‘Rewards’ tab in the main client.

*Achievement Rewards are available once per year and are based on the amount of Benefit Points earned in the calendar year. These Rewards can be purchased and the money will be automatically deposited into your account. Achievement Rewards may be purchase regardless of your Level status.

BPs Per Year Achievement Reward
750 $10
1,500 $10
2,250 $10
3,000 $10
4,000 $10
5,000 $50
10,000 $50
15,000 $50
20,000 $50
25,000 $50
30,000 $50
35,000 $50
40,000 $50
45,000 $50
50,000 $100
60,000 $100
70,000 $100
80,000 $100
90,000 $100
100,000 $200