Elite Benefits - Level Grinder

Nice work! Earning 3,000 Benefit Points

in only one month is no small feat.

You’ve achieved ‘Grinder’ status. You’re now at the halfway point of iconic status and it’s time to reap the rewards of your new status.

You’ve worked hard to get here, make sure you keep all you’ve earned! Don’t forget that the Benefit Points total resets at the beginning of every month. All it takes is 3,000 Benefit Points to maintain your Grinder status.

Have a look at your new unlocked benefits:

Benefit: Details:
Player Point Multiplier You earn 2.0 PPs for every 1 BP earned
$300 Cash for purchase $300 cash for Combat Points available from Points Exchange Section in client.
Achievement Rewards Cash rewards once you hit the yearly required of Benefit Points
Points Earned in Weighted Contributed Rake You earn more credit based on how much rake you contribute to a pot

Grinder Reward Summary

Now the rewards really start adding up! You’re entitled to purchase cash rewards worth $300 at the points exchange section in addition to the ability to unlock even better Achievement Rewards.

Your point multiplier is now better than ever, you now earn 2.0 Player Points for every 1 Benefit Point you earn. Your task of earning the most Benefit Points as possible just got twice as easy! Don’t forget, as a ‘Grinder’ you’re entitled to take a free shot at some cash at any one of Black Chip Poker’s freerolls!

You’re earning twice as many points with this new status, why not take advantage? Hit the big time by earning 7,500 points in 1 calendar month.

Bigger and better incentives are right around the corner if you attain hit the next level and become one of BlackChip Poker’s ‘Veterans’.