Cyclones Blitz Tournaments

Cyclones change


Let’s face it, if you like traditional satellites, you probably like anchovies and peanut butter on your pizza. If you’re like the rest of us and satellites are like watching paint dry, we’ve got HUGE news for you.

We’ve revolutionized satellites,

and the hours of endless grind are over.

Starting November 14th, prepare to be blown away by our new Blitz Poker Satellites dubbed CYCLONES!  The fastest and easiest way to win your $2,650 Venom Ticket.


They’re fast, fast, fast

It doesn’t get faster than blitz poker.

Easy to win

Spin up to 5,000 chips and you’ve won your ticket/seat. It’s that simple.

You play when you want

If you have time for 10 hands or 10 hours, it’s up to you.

You can win multiple times

Potentially unlimited seats with just one buy-in.


Getting close to winning your seat? Just pay the difference to secure it.

Buy-Ins starting at just 25 cents

7 Levels to Victory!

There are 7 Cyclone levels with buy-ins starting at just 25 cents.  Complete them all and you’ve got yourself a $2,650 Venom Ticket.  But you don’t have to start at the bottom, you can buy-in directly at any level along the way.

StepBuy In + FeeTotalStarting ChipsTarget StackPrize
1$0.23 + $0.020.2569750001.5 + .15 Ticket
2$1.5 + $0.151.65113750006 + .6 Ticket
3$6 + $0.66.61119500015 + 1.50 Ticket
4$15 + $1.516.51364500050 + 5 Ticket
5$50 + $55511635000200 + 15 Ticket
6$200 + $1521515885000600 + 30 Ticket
7$600 + $3063011335000Venom Ticket

How to play and how they work

The Nuts and Bolts

1- Get started by buying in at any level between 1 and 7 and you’ll be seated in a Blitz player pool with a stack of roughly 10 big blinds (give or take, depending on the level).
2- The objective is to win 5,000 chips. As soon as you get there, you’ve won your ticket to the next round.  As opposed to traditional satellites where you must beat 90% of the field, you just have to hit a certain amount of chips, and not worry about what everyone else is doing.
3- Because you are in a Blitz poker player pool, you aren’t forced to sit at a computer for hours to wait for a satellite to finish. Leave and come as you please, and you can pick up where you left off.
4- You can win more than once with one buy-in by finishing with more than 5,000 chips. Let’s say that you stack your opponent on an 8,000-chip pot. Not only will you get a ticket for the next level, but you get reseated at the same level with the excess 3,000 chips to try and win another ticket.  Unlimited potential.
5- FOR THE WIN: We all get stuck sometimes, or sometimes we just want to lock in a win.  With the FOR THE WIN feature you can.  The indicator at the bottom left of your screen will show you exactly how much cash value your chip stack has towards reaching the next level.  Simply click on the button to buy the difference and the ticket is yours.

What would you do with multiple tickets you ask? Sell ‘em for cold hard cash in our Venom Marketplace, or keep ‘em for a second or third bullet in your quest for the $1,000,000 first prize. The choice is yours.

You are only minutes away from playing the next big thing!

Becoming a member at Black Chip Poker couldn´t be easier.

Follow these 3 simple instructions and we´ll have you playing with us in no time!

Download the Software

First, download the software, which be saved to either your Mac desktop or ‘downloads’ folder. It may take a few minutes for Black Chip Poker to download.

Once the download is complete, launch the file from your saved location. If asked to update the software, please accept.

After this initial process, you will be able to launch Black Chip Poker from your application folder.

Set up your Account

Launch Black Chip Poker and in the main lobby select ‘Create Account…’

Fill out required registration details and make sure you provide a valid email address.

To validate your account, check your inbox for the provided validation code.

Finally, enter your validation code.

Get your 100% Free Deposit

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From there you can select whatever game you want to play and set your limits.

You can also search for specific tables and poker formats by clicking on your chose game tab and then using the filter buttons to define your search.