Jackpot Poker


Black Chip Poker has unveiled a new way for you to win with Jackpot Poker. These are fast-paced, 3-max player, Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tournaments with a starting stack of 500 chips and 3 minute levels.

The buy-in amounts for Jackpot Poker games are $2, $10, $25, or $40! The randomly drawn tournament prize pool will award between 2 and 2,500 times the buy-in. That means you can win up to $100,000 within minutes!

Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

5 Easy Steps to play Jackpot Poker

  • Choose a buy-in amount.

  • Select the number of simultaneous tournaments you want to play.  
  • Once three players are registered, the random draw for the tournament prize pool will take place. The award is between 2 and 2,500 times the buy-in.

  • The prize pool will then be displayed to all players.
  • The first hand will be dealt and the Jackpot Poker prize will be up for grabs!


5 Steps to Using the Maximizer:

The Maximizer is our new table searching feature. It allows you to concentrate on playing as it automatically adds you to waiting lists and opens up games to you.


  • Click on the Maximizer tab in the Jackpots lobby.
  • Select your maximum buy-in.
  • Select your favorite buy-in (Maximizer will always reserve one table at your preferred stake if you mark the check box).
  • Select the maximum amount of tables you want to play.
  • Turn the Maximizer on by sliding the red button to the “on” position.


Prizes and frequency

Jackpot Poker is a ‘winner-takes-all’ tourney unless one of the three highest prize tiers hits. In these cases, there is a default distribution, but the players can also decide to make a deal (see details below).

See below for the prizes and frequency for each Jackpot Poker tourney you can play:

$40 Buyin GTDs $25 Buyin GTDs $10 Buyin GTDs $2 Buyin GTDs Frequency Payout
$100,000 $62,500 $25,000 $5,000 1 in 100,000 * See Deals Below
$8,000 $5,000 $2,000 $400 5 in 100,000 * See Deals Below
$4,000 $2,500 $1,000 $200 10 in 100,000 * See Deals Below
$800 $500 $200 $40 100 in 100,000 Winner takes all
$320 $200 $80 $16 500 in 100,000 Winner takes all
$240 $150 $60 $12 7,500 in 100,000 Winner takes all
$160 $100 $40 $8 21,366 in 100,000 Winner takes all
$80 $50 $20 $4 70,518 in 100,000 Winner takes all

*Default distribution is: 1st: 75%, 2nd: 15% and 3rd: 10%. Deal option which must be approved by each player: 1st: 40%, 2nd: 30% and 3rd: 30%
6% of the buy-in goes to rake. Jackpot Poker rake qualifies for all player rebate programs, including bonuses.

Each player begins with 500 starting chips. Below is the blind structure for the game.

Level Blinds Minutes
1 10/20 3
2 15/30 3
3 20/40 3
4 30/60 3
5 40/80 3
6 50/100 3
7 60/120 3
8 75/150 3
9 90/180 3
10 105/210 3
11 125/250 3
12 150/300 3
13 175/350 3
14 200/400 3
15 225/450 3
16 250/500 3
17 300/600 3
18 350/700 3
19 400/800 3
20 500/1000 3
21 600/1200 3
22 750/1500 3


Jackpot Poker Disconnections and Sitting Out Policy

  • By participating in Jackpot Poker, a player accepts the risk of internet connection problems.
  • If a player leaves a Jackpot Poker game before he’s been eliminated, a button reading “Take My Seat(s)” appears in the Jackpot Poker lobby, allowing the player to rejoin the Jackpot Poker game.
  • If all players disconnect simultaneously, the Jackpot Poker game is paused and will be restarted as soon as Black Chip Poker ensures connections are restored.
  • If a Jackpot Poker game gets cancelled during play: 
    a) If the prize pool is less than 3 times the buy-in, each player’s buy-in is refunded. 
    b) If the prize pool is 3 times or greater the buy-in and there is no deal, the prize pool is distributed by chip count. 
    c) If players made a deal in the JP game, the prize pool in play is only 10% of the total prize pool. Each player receives the 30% deal amount, and the remaining 10% is distributed by chip count.


You are only minutes away from playing the next big thing!

Becoming a member at Black Chip Poker couldn´t be easier.

Follow these 3 simple instructions and we´ll have you playing with us in no time!

Download the Software

First, download the software, which be saved to either your Mac desktop or ‘downloads’ folder. It may take a few minutes for Black Chip Poker to download.

Once the download is complete, launch the file from your saved location. If asked to update the software, please accept.

After this initial process, you will be able to launch Black Chip Poker from your application folder.

Set up your Account

Launch Black Chip Poker and in the main lobby select ‘Create Account…’

Fill out required registration details and make sure you provide a valid email address.

To validate your account, check your inbox for the provided validation code.

Finally, enter your validation code.

Get your 100% Free Deposit

To find a play money ring game table or tournament to jump into. use the tabs in the Black Chip Poker lobby.

From there you can select whatever game you want to play and set your limits.

You can also search for specific tables and poker formats by clicking on your chose game tab and then using the filter buttons to define your search.