Elite Benefits FAQ

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about our loyalty program “Elite Benefits”. Please click on them in order to display the answer. If the answer to your question is not listed here please contact us.

What are Benefit Points for?

The amount of benefit points you acquire determines what level on the Elite Benefits program you have attained. The more benefit points that are accumulated within a calendar month (or year if it’s either Legend or Icon levels) the higher level the player attains.

It is important to note that while Player Points are accumulated simultaneously to Benefit Points they may be accumulated at a different rate. The rapidity in which you can accumulate Player Points depends on what Level you rank in the Elite Benefits Program.

The sole way in which you can achieve Benefit Points is through playing real game tournaments or ring games on BlackChip Poker.

Can I lose my current Elite Benefits level?

Yes. The monthly Benefit Point counter resets at the beginning of every month so it’s important that you maintain a consistent amount of play each month in order to retain your current level. As long as you remain consistent, there is no way that you’ll lose your status.

What if I don’t earn enough Benefit Points in June to qualify for my status in July? Do I still get the bonus PPs for June?

Yes, players receive player points according to whichever level they are ranked at the time of play. If you do not qualify to maintain your current status for the next month, you’ll be credited for Player Points at whatever level you earned them.

How come there are two separate Benefit Point counters in my account?

BlackChip Poker helps you keep track of both your monthly and yearly benefit points, which is the reason behind the two individual counters. The first four levels of the Elite Benefits Program revolve around how many Benefit Points you’ve earned in each calendar month.

The two highest tiers, called Legend and Icon, are attained by your total point accumulation throughout the calendar year as opposed to just a month. As previously mentioned, we reset your monthly Benefit points to determine which of the first four levels to which you qualify. We reset your yearly Benefit points counter in January of each year.

The yearly points monitor also keeps track of what ‘Legendary Rewards’ a player who has achieved ‘Legend’ status is eligible for. The same goes for Achievement Awards.

Do Benefit Points expire?

Benefit points do expire. When checking your level in the poker client, you will see the two aforementioned points counters. Both are reset, the monthly at then of a calendar month, and the yearly counter at the end of the calendar year.

Can I transfer Benefit Points?

No, unfortunately Benefit Points are player specific and non-transferable. They hold no cash player and cannot be moved to another player.

Can I buy into tourneys with Benefit Points?

No, Benefit Points can only be earned by either playing cash games or real money tournaments at BlackChip poker. They purpose of Benefit Points is to simply gauge what level of the Benefits Program to which you qualify.

Where do I find out what my Player Level is?

You can see determine what level of Player you have attained by opening the poker client and clicking on the ‘Rewards Tab’.

Do Benefit Points hold any redeemable value?

No, unlike Player Points Benefit Points are used specifically as a way of keeping score. You’ll need to use your player points for redemption of merchandise and cash and tournament benefits.

What are Player Points?

Player points are what you earn that you can redeem for cash. Though they hold no cash value, they are their own form of currency on BlackChip Poker.

Is there an expiration date on my player points?

They will only expire if you do not earn a single player point in a calendar year. As long as you log on and play either a tournament or cash game hand in a calendar year the points will be there to stay.

Should I have more questions is there someone I can contact?

Our friendly staff will respond to all of your questions in a timely manner. Simply email us with any question you might have at [email protected]

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